Broadband Internet

To hotels and condominiums, we offer the fastest and most reliable internet that can be found anywhere in Mexico.

To achieve this speed and reliability, we install a private fibre-optic broadband network at your location or in your local area.  We also install antenna repeaters, when needed, to increase Wi-Fi signals. Our broadband internet packages are 30 megabytes to 1 gigabyte. This is approximately  double the speed you commonly find elsewhere, but at a competitive price.

A member of our elite team of technical professionals  supervises every step in the installation,.  After installation, we offer 24-7 customer support with a four-to-six hour window for service.

If  you are tired of waiting for websites to load or, worse yet, have customers who have to wait for your site to load, please contact us.  We will reply promptly to arrange a visit to evaluate your needs and your budget, and we’ll give you a report detailing the infrastructure you will need .