Corporate and Personal Security

We are an eclectic group of professionals with diverse backgrounds, all connected to the Security Services industry. Together, we have more than 40 years of combined experience in law enforcement and in the military in combat and other hostile environments. We have been soldiers with tours of duty in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia.

We are tied to a strong network of expats and citizens throughout Mexico who have similar service alliances, so we have the territory well covered. We are particularly strong in the biggest metropolitan areas: Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Los Cabos and Monterey.  We are also your best choice for security services in hot zones such as Tijuana and Juarez. Our contracts are for the most part low risk, but we do have the ability and resources for high-risk contract security missions as well.

We perform and deliver every day for our clients’ needs. Because of our dedication to our clients, we have gained both their trust and respect. We have achieved this and more because of our constant devotion towards meeting the client’s demands, establishing multi- level communication channels, training, and well thought-out logistical planning.

We provide the following services:

Executive Protection (Close Personal Protection):

Vigilance, protection and evasion prevent kidnappings and extortion. We are dedicated to avoiding problems and to protecting you from unavoidable problems, but we also strive to be noninvasive and friendly, so you can fully enjoy your visit, take care of business,  and experience Mexico.

Executive and VIP Transfers:

Our security specialists are armed if you request this. We can also provide an armored car.

    • Airport <–> hotel
    • Airport <–> hotel <–> downtown
    • Party concierge service with reservations and bottle-side service  at any club
    • Transportation for an adventure excursion
    • Transportation for a golf or fishing excursion
Special-Events Security:

Screening and surveillance, property and asset protection and crowd control for entertainment, corporate and sporting events.

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